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Nutrition is a cornerstone therapy for many of the chronic problems associated with metabolic disease or obesity, and lifestyle change can be a powerful tool in alleviating or reversing symptoms. At HCN, our dietitians can advise you about the diet therapies that have been proven to work and provide you with the behavioral support to promote lasting change.




Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disorder characterized by abnormally high levels of blood sugar. Diagnosis of the disease is achieved by measuring hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c). Pre-diabetes presents at a HbA1c level of 5.7% to 6.4% and full diabetes is diagnosed at 6.5% and above, which is the inflection point at which medical complications such as retinopathy (loss of sight) become more common, if blood sugar continues unchecked.

The good news is that most cases of diabetes can be controlled, and if caught early, can be reversed by diet. At HCN, we work together with you and your doctor to improve your blood sugar control, either with or without medication.

We provide simple, science-based guidance on eating, combined with personalized behavioral support, to empower you to take control of your health. Our protocols fit your existing lifestyle to maximize long-term adherence and are individualized to your own specific goals:

· Understanding the glucose/insulin axis and the role of different foods.
· Reversal or control of diabetes or pre-diabetes
· Reductions in medications
· Coordination of diet with pharmacological regimes to prevent hypo or hyperglycemia.

Weight & Metabolism


weight & metabolism

At HCN we realize that achieving your long-term weight loss goal is so much more than “eat less and exercise more”.

As the understanding of human genetics and metabolism grows, science is now unraveling the complex interactions between food, exercise and hormones that hold the key to losing weight, keeping it off and maintaining health and energy.

By implementing progressive nutrition with common sense behavioral changes, we can help you discover an everyday lifestyle that helps you live in harmony with your body and enjoy the vitality of your best health. At HCN we undertake a full assessment of your nutrition health and habits to build on your positive routines and identify the pitfalls that are stopping you from reaching your weight goal. Our focus includes:

· Achievable goal setting
· Meal planning and intuitive eating
· Understanding the interaction between eating and hormones throughout the lifecycle
· Thyroid health
· Exercise schedules
· Mindfulness and motivation techniques

Get ready for the beach!

cardiovacular disease


Cardiovascular disease

The latest research shows a strong link between cardiovascular issues and body-wide inflammation, with healthy lifestyle as the first line of defense in prevention and treatment.

However, the science behind what constitutes a healthy lifestyle is evolving, with television and the internet bombarding us with confusing and sometimes misleading information on what to do and eat: low fat vs Mediterranean? vegan vs paleo?

At HCN we separate out nutrition facts from fiction to provide a science-based protocol that lowers inflammation whilst fitting into your personal health and lifestyle needs. Our focus includes:

· Lowering hypertension
· Reducing weight and central adiposity
· Rebalancing cholesterol and triglycerides
· Viewing exercise in a positive way
· Managing fluid and salt intake
· Stress reduction and promoting better sleep


Ketogenic Diet


What Is A Ketogenic Diet

Best known for its weight loss benefits, the ketogenic diet is one of the oldest and most tested of all clinical diet therapies with usage dating back to the 1920s. The diet restricts simple carbohydrates and increases healthy fats and fiber to promote the production of ketones in the liver, which the body utilizes as an extremely efficient and “clean” source of fuel. Research shows that the ketogenic diet can be profoundly anti-inflammatory and is growing in popularity as a safe and effective treatment for many conditions. There is strong evidence for clinical benefits in:

· type 2 diabetes
· cardiovascular disease
· weight loss
· epilepsy

And there is emerging evidence for benefits in:

· cancer
· polycystic ovarian syndrome
· acne
· neurological diseases such as brain cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, brain trauma, and ALS.


However, the ketogenic diet is not recommended for everyone and can be difficult to implement without proper supervision. In particular, for those taking diabetes medications our dietitians would work closely with your doctor. At HCN we offer an in-depth nutritional health assessment to determine your suitability and goals. After this, we leverage our experience in achieving ketosis to make it as simple and effective as possible, avoiding common pitfalls, and tailoring your protocol to promote the balance of essential nutrients.

Gastrointestinal disorders 


internal alignment

Gastrointestinal disorders such as food allergies, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease are increasingly common and some studies suggest that they impact over 50% of Americans. Although not all GI disorders are directly caused by diet, it is believed that diet plays a role in the inflammatory process that links our immune system, digestive tract and gut microbiome. Moreover, dietary adjustments have been shown to provide relief for many sufferers. However, GI specific dietary strategies are highly personalized and often require systematic management to be effective. At HCN, a trained dietitian can assess your nutritional needs and help direct you in the best dietary treatment.

Our focus includes:
· Exclusion diets
· FODMAPs for irritable bowel syndrome
· Specific carbohydrate diets for inflammatory bowel disease
· Meal planning for food allergies
· Implementation of home enteral or parenteral feeding